NOTE: Our spring team slots will fill up, so hurry and get your team registered! Don't miss out on the fun and lock your team spot today!!! Early Spring Registration begins February 26th.

*Spring 2015* Early Registration from February 26th, 2015 to March 12, 2015! $70 for individual players and $140 for team spot!

*Team Captains if you could please send me an email with your contact information, I would appreciate it. This is to ensure that you receive notification of the time and location of Happy Hour, where you will turn in all monies, a copy of your kickball roster, and the Waiver of Liability.

Ready to reserve a team slot? Here's what you need to do:

1. Start the recruiting process with potential team members. Let them know what nights and location of the games.

2. Be aware that leagues on some nights fill up very quickly and priority is given to teams returning from the previous year. Therefore, be prepared with a back up night to play in case your first choice isn't available.

3. Be prepared to pay a Team Registration Fee of $160 using PayPal. This fee represents the participation fee of two team members, it is NOT IN ADDITION TO individual participation fees. This means that when you turn in your team's waivers and money, the fee for two of the people on your team roster will be pre-paid.

4. Understand that this Team Registration Fee is non-refundable. Should you pay the fee to reserve a slot and then decide not to organize a team, you will lose this deposit. Transfers are allowed.

5. And finally, know that the waivers and remaining participation fees for your team are due at or before the League Sign-Up Happy Hour. Specific information about the League Sign-Up Happy Hour will be emailed to captains who successfully complete registration.

6. If you do not have a team, please sign up under the Paypal link that says "Individual." However, do not use this link if you are on a team. If you use the "Individual" link you are stating you do not have a team, therefore will be placed on a team. If you and a few friends are signing up but do not have enough players to form a team and want to be on the same team, please send an email stating you and such and such persons would like to be on same team.

7. Before registering as a team or as an individual please read our League Rules. As this league may not be the league for you and there are no refunds.

If you have any questions about being a captain or about the registration process, please Contact Us.

Please click on the appropriate Paypal link below to pay for your registration.

Team Registration
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Individual Registration
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