GET YOUR KICKBALL ON!!! Fort Worth's one and only SOCIAL and PARTY league!

FACKA's Kickball League is an adult, co-ed kickball league in Fort Worth, TX that provides kegs at all games. That means you must be 21 years old to play in our league. We are not overly-competitive, which means that you can play to win, but if you want to wear cleats, hit people in the head with the ball, and in general relive your high school glory days, then this isn't the league for you. We are about having fun, socializing, and enjoying some libations on a sunny evening. A list of our league rules that may help clarify this is available here: League Rules

FACKA Kickball from Kight Haberer on Vimeo.


  • League Nights: Thursday Night
    • Teams Register for a particular night
    • More league nights will become available as more teams register.

  • Location: Gateway Park, 750 Beach St., Fort Worth, TX 76111
    • We will be playing near Fort Woof park, please see map for location.

  • 2014 Season Dates
    • Spring League: March 13th - April 24th (Early Registration starts January 16th - February 13th)
    • Summer League: May 22nd - June 28th (Early Registration starts April 24th-May 8th )
    • Fall League: September 4th - October 16th (Early Registration TBA)

  • Teams Play one game every week of the 7 week season

  • Teams Play every team in the 8 team league once, no playoffs

  • Beverages are available at 5:30 pm and games start at 6:00 pm

  • 12 player minimum, but to account for absences, 13-20 is highly recommended

  • As a co-ed league, all teams must be 50% male, 50% female

  • The cost is $80 per person which includes:
    • All league registration fees
    • Donation to CAF
    • A league t-shirt for every player
    • A nice league 22oz plastic stadium cup
    • Beer at every game
    • The most fun you've had in a long time!

  • Registration takes place through team captains. Details about how to become a captain are available in our Captain's Corner

  • If you don't have enough people to form a team, become a Free Agent! Post your available nights on our Facebook Discussion Board Captains looking for players can find you there.
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