FACKA was founded in honor of the KIFAC league in Denver, CO. Patrick Brown and a few of his friends were the founders of KIFAC, which started in 2003. Patrick and his team have reinvented kickball in an extremely fun, non competitive, and socializing manner.

Patrick and his team's idea was simple; gather people together in an incredibly fun activity and donate a bit of the participation fee to a charity in need... a win-win situation. Since that beginning, the KIFAC league has expanded.

I played for KIFAC and had the time of my life and met many great friends along the way. When I moved to Fort Worth, TX I wanted to bring Patrick's idea with me. With Patrick's guidance and support he has helped FACKA happen in Fort Worth, TX.

I would like to dedicate FACKA to Patrick Brown and KIFAC. If it was not for Patrick and his friend's ideas FACKA would not be possible.

We're FACKA'n
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